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My name is Kat and I started PipiOli with the goal of providing high quality family photography and personal service.  But PipiOli is not just a business; it is the realization of a dream.  As a photographer, my passion is my profession and every day is another opportunity to do what I love.  So now I invite you to tour my website and as you view my work and get to know me a little better, think about how I might be of service to your family. 

Snowfall On Water by Laura Sullivan


My interest in photography began when I moved to the United States from The Czech Republic and it was born of a desire to share my new life with my loved ones back home.  I wanted them to experience things as I was experiencing them.  When words alone were not enough, I picked up a camera.  I quickly realized that I had found my ideal form of expression; one that allowed me to reach people on an emotional level.  And in those early days, whenever I felt homesick I could imagine my family gathered around, excitedly viewing the images and the distance between us seemed to shrink. 



Eventually the newness of life in the US faded, but my passion for photography only grew.  Though the passion came naturally, the technical skills required work.  For the last five years I have immersed myself in photography and slowly a dream began to take shape.  Finally my hard work is paying off and has allowed me to take it to the next level.  Love of family started me on this journey and remains the focus of my work and just as when this journey began, my commitment remains to the experience of the viewer.


Now I call the San Francisco Bay Area home and live here with my family.  As you can tell from my work I tend to use the word “family” in its broadest possible sense.  Family members, just like families, take many possible forms; human and non-human, two or four legged, furred or feathered or scaled.  When it comes to families, it’s not form but feelings that matter.  My own family, which currently consists of my husband, two daughters, two dogs and one cat, has at various times included chickens and a bunny, and remains subject to change.








Love's River by Laura Sullivan

Please enjoy the music throughout my website composed and performed by Laura Sullivan 2013 GRAMMY® winning composer and pianist of New Age and Contemporary Classical music. More of Laura's music can be find on iTunes. Follow Laura on her website or facebook.